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Extra pain pills helping pain, but making me sleepy! Stroke and memory loss!

I kept dozing off while at the rehab center with my dad. We had a family care meeting to see where he stands.

Right now if he went home he would need a nurse 24/7 (not affordable).

Their current goal is to have him functioning with help in 4-5 weeks as they say he is making progress. Maybe physically he is, but what about the memory loss. He doesn’t know how many children he has. He doesn’t remember his address (I am fairly sure his driving days are over anyhow). He is slowly losing his birthdate, which is important in all things medical and I doubt he remembers his social security number. And now he is asking for my mom’s birthyear. So that is also disappearing. Who knows what else that hasn’t come to our attention yet.

He is in a diaper as he can’t get to the bathroom in time nor use a urinal though that doesn’t surprise me as he is in a diaper that he can’t get off anyhow. We have to hope they know what they are doing.

He feeds himself with his opposite hand due to his left side neglect. Trying to teach him to remember to turn his head with his food tray as he doesn’t know what is on his left as it doesn’t occur to him to look there without prompting. I have also been working with him to turn his plate as half of it is on the left side which he doesn’t see. I find it hard put to think he could do this again on his own. We don’t want him in long care rehab or a nursing home, but it looks like that will be happening. We do not mention it. We still talk as if he is going home.

I haven’t cried yet although a good cry would help clear the air some. He’s lost his dignity and just does what he is told.

This sucks!

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

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So 2 weeks living alone and I injure my knee worse than ever, can’t stand on it

I am such a clutz. My knees have been acting weird and then one decides to pop out of place. Can’t put weight on it, have to struggle dragging a foot with the help of a woman and get in my car. Can’t drive. So now calling the family isn’t just a few minutes They are 30 minutes away and my dad gets lost so thankfully my son came with him to drive my car and find me using GPS.

I was at the library getting a membership and books on budgeting. Not my thing. I need help with that. Have to learn if I am going to make it with my own apartment.

So using my walker and the rollator (has wheels) and 1 footed hopping I am getting around. The only good thing the hospital did was send a referral to a home health care place to see if I qualify for home physical therapy. I told the hospital I was allergic to morphine and how the hospital had to intervene because of my reaction. Ten minutes late that idiot was giving me morphine. I could feel the side-effects starting and finally she turned it off. I was so pissed. It is the worst allergy I have. I also came out with a tremendous cold or allergies or something and it is getting worse. Nothing I have here helps. This hospital has a terrible reputation Wonder why? Hah!

Slowly moving in, but need help. My one daughter is great. I need her to find things especially now since I can’t climb my step stool or get around or lift.

I finally found some of my clothes.

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work), new work is on this blog