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My new header for this blog. (Praise the Lord seems to be the new title since I put that there duh!)

My daughter made me a new header to match the logo she made me.

By putting the title and tagline on the header I decided to put Praise the Lord on the original tag line and it changes my title from Advocate for Mental Illness to Praise the Lord. I think I will leave it for now. I like having something in that spot and it is something I like on the blog.

Sugar level fasting still in the 200’s. I am waiting for my dr appointment as this is getting really bothersome. I know it isn’t good and probably part of why I don’t feel well. This is mainly my fault since my dr needs to be pushed into doing anything and I never pushed him. NOW look where I am and I no longer want to take the chances I have been taking. Healthy eating is not bringing the numbers down. He has not increased the medicine in many years or tried a new one or even 2. I see a dr who just doesn’t care like he should. He is also responsible for my care. We have to work together.

Praise the Lord,