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Financial Woes

People have heard me mention my finances. As time goes on the situation gets worse. I get a small check from the government (SSDI) and have more bills than income. I have been using my credit cards almost to the max now.

I called my bankruptcy lawyer this morning and I will start the process. I also have to make a very tight budget. Times will be tough. Food will be the hardest since with the Diabetes I can’t just eat junk because it is cheap.

I knew this was coming just kept hoping for a miracle.



As we age…

I am close to 60 now. I spend a lot of time in the hospital between medical issues and mental issues.

At this point I need to have my children ready to take over my finances while I am in the hospital.

I don’t have assets so I don’t have a lot of worries about a will. There literally won’t be anything left. Worried enough about having enough to be cremated only and without a service. Right now that program is $2500.

So plans include adding oldest daughter to my checking account as an equal. That way if something happens to my account or she locks the online account out she will be allowed to get it unlocked by them.

She also has a list of all my credit card bills and the info. If she locks herself out in most cases she is stuck and we will hope she can pay over phone without a fee or she will need their address for postal payment.

The last thing I have to worry about is my finances while in the hospital.

I checked into prepaid funerals/cremations and they are too high and life insurance is even higher. I don’t care what they do so a simple cremation with no service/party is fine with me.

We are thinking on having my daughter open a savings account that I could do my own prepaid funeral. Depending on date of death and how much I can scrape together they may not get stuck with the whole thing.

Luckily I trust my children.

I have one more parent’s funeral to go through and he prepaid the whole thing so that is one less problem. My sister is the executor. I was originally, but I freaked out every time they said the word death in their situation. They finally realized that I was not the one for that. I am better now. I guess if you don’t fear death enough to try and kill yourself things tend to change if you survive like I did.

Praise the Lord,