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Bipolar 1, with psychosis, part of my new diagnosis.

Missed everyone. Spent 6 days in-patient and am now on day 3 of partial hospitalization which is 5 days per week and 5 hours per day. They yanked me off of Cymbalta 60 mg, no weaning. Claim Effexor XR 75 mg is same class so no weaning needed. I have been in terrible pain and can’t stay awake. Boy that is fun.

Don’t know how long I will be in this program. Medicare doesn’t want me in there long since I have the HMO advantage plan from AmeriHealth65HMO. So revaluation on April 1st, than the decision made before April 4th. I don’t’ know if they will do Intensive IOP (intensive Outpatient) or back to private therapy.

Hope to return soon.