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Me oh My, wheezing now

I just can’t win. I am wheezing pretty bad and the inhaler is only giving me mild relief. This started yesterday and I was just at the drs on Friday, the pulmonary doctor, and he said my lungs were clear. Stopping the BiPap machine. Not working.

I couldn’t sleep last night. New antidepressant is supposed to be a sedative for most people. I should have known this would happen. I react the opposite to most medications. Still too early to try and see if it will help the Bipolar Depression.

I forgot to check my blood sugars this morning. They are high daily now since he didn’t try a new medication. I am on the same old oral meds that didn’t work before and he took one away.

Lousy Memorial Day – rainy, dark and chilly.

We didn’t go to the township’s barbeque that they hold free every Memorial Day.

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