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Reblogging a post on reblogging. Something I wasn’t aware of about reblogging photo blogs. I deleted the picture on this one just to see if it was deletable and it was. I also am not allowing comments on this blog. Please discuss on original post.

HarsH ReaLiTy

When you reblog a photo blog or photo blog template it places almost all their photos into your reblog. You then have to go back and remove their content or you are now hosting their photos. Even though I remove the comments from reblogs so people have to visit the original to discuss it, this has still posed a problem for me since I started using WordPress.

I’ve been blogging since 2013, started reblogging people in 2015 – now I do it to share the love and share some posts. I don’t want to host your content, like all of us that reblog we are sharing things we find interest in to our own reader list and Reader.

I am going to start deleting the photos connected to the reblog even if it leaves an ugly black box. This will probably decrease the amount I reblog, but I’ve decided against…

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