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Lab Results

I think most of you I told that my Lymes test was negative.

My A1c went up to 10.4…badddd. Working in eating healthier.

My fasting that day was 211 by them and my meter said 185. Big discrepancy.

My thyroid is back to normal.

Son’s car had broken down. Praise the  Lord the fee was zero because it was a recall repair.

The Lord has been good to me lately.

Fasting sugars so-so

Had my blood test today and will get an official fasting reading, but I got 185 myself. Lowest yet.

Almost didn’t get blood test. Son’s car broke down and I gave him mine. I canceled my appointment at the blood lab and then my dad came home. I had to pee very bad and couldn’t because that was one of the tests.

The lab was packed. Funny thing though. Their computer still had my appointment listed and so I ended up at the same time I was supposed to. A woman came in just before 9:30 and had a fit because she jumped on that appointment, but it hadn’t released at the lab so she couldn’t have it. And I wasn’t by myself and I had to pee. So I didn’t say a word. The lab knew I had canceled since I said so only. They had to go by their schedule anyhow. I don’t know how many they schedule for each time frame since they have walk-ins, but she did say all the 9:30 people were already there.

Sort of blew my diet today, but yesterday I got a small salad and egg salad and mixed It up. Not a bad combination and made it more likely I would eat it. Then had half a sandwich for dinner. Not a lot of carbs.

Hope my son’s car isn’t seriously in need of repair. There isn’t an abundance of money around here. The 3 broke musketeers. One of his problems is a recall repair and so that is free. Hope that is the only problem.

I was invited to write for another web site and can write on any topic. Have to get out of the bipolar  mind set and try something else.

Praise the Lord,