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My fridge is lower carbohydrate now and more healthy

I have fresh vegetables including broccoli (Danny Ray is saying “I told you so LOL”). Meats, high in protein (good for diabetics) and no carbs.

One of my problems with the insulin is that my meals must be more regulated. No eating, munching whenever I feel like it. Will be good in the long run and may even lose weight, but driving me crazy right now.

My fitbit announced at 2PM that I had hit my walking goal for the day. My goal is still low. It is just under 2000 steps per day right now. May be time to raise it.

My antidepressant is still working except for the mood swings (manic right now, or maybe hypo-manic) and I am sleeping too much still. Appointment tomorrow. She might lower it or raise the mood stabilizer. This has been the best one so far aside from the initial reaction to the Cymbalta which lasted 8 months.

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