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A Question to Ask Youself: Is Your Fibromyalgia Primary or Secondary?

Read this article to find out. It will help the dr with your treatment.

Read : http://healthiculture.com/fibromyalgia/newsletter/primaryorsecondary/question-1.php

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Cooked dinner…

Well as a step in making myself more useful and not something to be pitied, I cooked the dinner today. It was just chicken with veg on the side. I thought it turned out good.

I finished emptying a large box and put things away or trashed/recycled what wasn’t really needed. I pretend my son’s voice is in my head asking me “do you really need that?”

Gave the drs’ office the info so I can get my glucose meter and start checking my¬†blood sugars. Maybe it will be ready tonight.

My chiropractor says he feels my Fibromyalgia is really Lymes Disease (chronic long term Lymes causes the same symptoms). Now my son started researching and he wants me to see if I can get the treatment (I had 2 deer ticks lodged on me for 3 days years ago) and see if that helps. I don’t know where to start or if the insurance will pay for it since the last test was negative except for one positive band out of the 4-5 required. Dr says those tests are no good anyhow. They are saying a lot of people are being mis-diagnosed.