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No longer writing for International Bipolar Foundation.

I wrote them a post for last February as per the new agreement. Never heard a word except to say they received it and would send me the link if published or a list of things needing changing.

A few months ago I emailed them to find out what happened to it and again last week. No answer to either email. I just emailed them a third time to resign. I am tired of rude companies and I no longer intend to let them use my talent for free. They don’t deserve it. They have people writing for them, but seem to use articles from other sites. So they can knock themselves out and I will write for my own blog and to heck with them.

It was hard finding new topics and they had a lot of volunteer writers so lots of similar posts were out there anyhow. IBPF is old news now and I just posted the l link to my first blog I wrote for them. Oh well, maybe I will delete it.

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