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Low carb, 20 grams or less per day, not working so well.

I have decided to increase my carbs to 50 per day, still low carb, but not as drastic. I am not losing weight and the thought of eating like this the rest of my life is driving me nuts. I need more variety and I am picky as hell. It will most likely mean more insulin at first and I use insulin to correct what I am going to eat to keep my numbers lower.

Most days I probably won’t hit the 50 carb count anyway, but this gives me more choices. I am eating a lot more protein than the group I am in so will follow an atkins group which allows more protein. Atkins starts at 20 and goes up ater 2 weeks so already hit induction. I just reordered the original Atkins book and will attempt to reread. I know they have foods they don’t eat either. Most of them I am fine at, but 20 or less with my practically non-existent appetite has been hell and I am not losing weight.  Something has to give or I am on insulin forever.

Going for nerve test today. Using pain pills sparingly since I have so few and appointment with pain dr isn’t until October 17.

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