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NANOWRIMO and Haiku Poetry

I recently mentioned to an editor that I didn’t expect to enter this year. I was simply not in the mood to write stories. Although I am writing daily Haiku’s.

To my surprise she said she saw no reason why I couldn’t write a book of Haiku’s. So I have thought about it and maybe I will take my Haiku’s and put them together as a possible book. 50,000 words  in that form would be harder to accomplish, but even if I didn’t hit the goal, I would have a good size manuscript of poems. I also write Shadormas and a few other types.

I don’t really know how to set something like that up, but November is just to get a rough copy any how so maybe it doesn’t matter for now and I will spend time after it is over perfecting it. Poetry books are fairly popular.

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