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Public Housing

It damn near killed me, but I told myself I have to get myself on the waiting lists. They are long and I have no idea how long I will have a home with my dad. The man is 83, still fairly healthy, but he is no spring chicken. Luckily the woman was very nice and told me where to go for the website to get the applications. The one where she was I can only be on a secondary list since I don’t live in that town. The other one was the county housing authority.

So Part one is done, applications filled out. The tricky part is the rent. I might have to turn tricks to pay for it. 🙂

Dad may pass before my name comes up and then I will be really stuck. I have to trust God to know what I need and that what I need will be there when I need it. This is what I have been learning – To Trust GOD!

Waiting for my doctor to call in the new medication he wants me on. I got the ok from my psychiatric nurse so just need him to write it. I know from past usage it helped me sleep.

Teaching my cat “lay down!” And she is learning, stranger still. Although she knows the word “treats” and she is getting up to come ask for them. It is time.