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What Is An Overnight Sleep Study (Polysomnogram)?

What Is An Overnight Sleep Study (Polysomnogram)?

I have had three of these so far. I was fitted twice for a sleep mask to fit a BiPap machine since I can’t use a CPap, but no one could find a mask that fit me right. I finally gave up on it since it was actually waking me up all the way every night, all night. For those of you who can find a mask to fit (my head is child-size) you should do well with it.

The study itself wasn’t that bad once you get over the awkwardness of being hooked up to electrodes and knowing that someone is actually watching you sleep.

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Getting a Sleep Study with Fibromyalgia or CFS

Getting a Sleep Study with Fibromyalgia or CFS

I have had about 3 of these. Take something unrevealing to sleep in such as shorts and a t-shirt. In my case there wasn’t time to shower and you did not see a doctor after it. All places are different and the bathrooms were public, not private. I ended up leaving with that goop still in my hair. Even the one that I had a chance to shower it all didn’t come out. I had to go to work after one of them and I had yucky hair for the day. Maybe your lab will have weekend appointments, but wouldn’t count on it.

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