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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…short non-fiction

I was out the other day at the supermarket and in their snack bar. I got a soda and sat down. A man in a electric chair came up behind me, but he couldn’t reach the soda machine. So out of character for me I asked him, “Would you like some help?”

He said,”yes” so I took his cup.

“Do you want soda?”


“Okay would you like ice?”


“And what kind of soda?”

He wanted Dr Pepper, so I set the machine up after getting the ice, filled his cup, put on a lid and gave him a straw.

He said thanks and and I turned around and dumped my soda all down the front of my shirt, the chair, the table, the floor and my handbag.

We all had a good laugh and I said, “No good deed, goes unpunished,” and everyone was off and laughing again.

I did my good deed and felt great about it.




Now for some humor, non-fiction so I will post it here first. Think big cats…

First off this wasn’t funny the day it happened, but not many people can claim this happened to them.

ocelot-628109_1920 (2)It was a beautiful day and my husband and I decided to visit a friend who had a small zoo of a type within town limits so it wasn’t much. He had medium-sized wild cats called Ocelots and Margays. This picture is an Ocelot.

They were beautiful wild cats and he brought them out of the cage and tied them to a stake so we could pet them. I was a little scared of them so didn’t get too close. I petted them carefully.

Problem was I wasn’t close enough. The cat wanted attention and jumped up to put his paws on my body to stand up and I moved and he raked his claws down both legs. I was a bleeding mess.

I don’t blame the cat, as it was my fault for moving back before he finished his jump. Have you every been mauled by a jungle cat?