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A refund?? I am thankful.

How often to medical companies refund if you overpay. I thought I did, but I didn’t have proof handy so when they sent me another bill. I called because I was told I was now paid in full. To my surprise they are sending me a refund. The hospital did that too when  my charity covered my recent stay and ER visits. When I was approved I got it back. I am used to fighting for my refunds.

Today I am thankful.

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

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Thankful list May 9, 2016

I am thankful during today’s episode of breathing problems, family wanted to take me to hospital and my son made sure I ate. I did not go to the hospital. I have had enough of them to last a lifetime.




Stop the whining I ordered myself. (Thankful list May 8, 2016)

I am thankful for my family and WordPress family. All very supportive.

I am thankful for the friend that is helping me financially. Every little bit helps.


The longer I allow myself to  sink into the mud the harder it will be to pull myself out.  However things just keep happening. My eye problem was supposedly healed, but today it has started again. None of the side-effects are going away. Maybe a list of things to be thankful for will help. I know my family is tired of living with negativity.