Happy Latuda night, not hyper tonight…

I took the Latuda at about 5:30 PM tonight. A little later than last night. I hope to be able to sleep again tonight. I noticed no hyperness tonight. I was afraid it might be a nightly thing after taking it at night last night and I was hyper for 4 or 5 hours. It would explain why I couldn’t sleep the first few nights. All of this is guess work. Maybe I was hyper from all the sugar yesterday. Now that is a possibility. I sure did go overboard on the sugar at the party and later that night.

I made a chart to start writing my sugar readings down. Doctor has been asking. Especially now since they are so much better I won’t mind showing him.

I took my handful of night medications and I am so tired of swallowing pills all day. I am water logged so all water has been taken. My chiropractor can’t yell at me for being dehydrated anymore.

I am going to sign off soon and hit my bed. My show is on soon and I will read a little too.


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