Sports markets: What should you bet on at Danish betting sites

Now that you may have found the best bookmaker for you, it’s time to find out what you should bet on. Here there is no definitive answer for which sport is the best to bet on at the betting sites. It may depend on various factors, which you can look at below.

The theoretical repayment rate

repayment rate

Theoretical payback percentage, also abbreviated to RTP, covers how likely it is that you will win on your bet in theory. RTP is more widespread in relation to online casino, but it is also used in connection with betting.

Here it can vary from one game page to the other. Therefore, it is important that you perhaps consider having accounts on several different betting sites, which we have mentioned further up, as long as you can play responsibly.

The reason why it might be smart to have a user on different platforms is betting sites can focus more on one sport than another. Virtually all betting sites focus to a greater or lesser extent on football betting, as football is the most popular sport in the world. But there are also betting sites which, for example, focus on Danish football, English football, golf, tennis, eSports, etc.

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to find the information about RTP. There are several comparison sites where you can see the percentage RTP for sports and tournaments at the major bookmakers. You can consider doing that if you need help finding a good betting site for you. If you’re more into football, you can read on in the next section.

Play football

Play football

The vast majority of tipsters bet on football. It is an incredibly popular sport in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world. If you like football odds, you will probably find many good odds at all the betting sites that we have mentioned further up.

Therefore, it can be smart to focus on what else you can get from them. See if you can get boosted odds, which are also called increased odds. Check if there is live streaming of the football matches. See if there is expert advice from former Danish footballers. Dive into the selection of odds and see how many different betting markets there are on the individual matches. At the best sports betting sites, you can find hundreds of betting markets with everything from Asian Handicap, to over/under goals, cards, goalscorers, halftime results and much more. Remember to also look at live betting if you prefer to bet on high odds, which change as the football match progresses.

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