The 4 Best Movies About Betting You Need To Watch

Sports betting, the activity of predicting sports results is a very popular hobby for many people all around the world. People like betting – it releases endorphins and helps deal with stress, so as to combine passion and the possibility of winning money. No wonder there are countless movies depicting sports betting. Some of them are based on real-life events, while others are fictional but still show the life of sports bettors in a very realistic way. If you have never tried betting on sports on such betting platforms as TonyBet, but are interested in exploring the wide possibilities of sports betting, look at our list of sports betting movies. Settle down and get the popcorn ready to enjoy the thrill of betting in these movies?

“Luck” (2011-2012)


This television series starring Dustine Hoffmann will allow you to explore the world of sports betting The picture has a carefully thought out scenario, which is mainly focused on betting on horse racing. The main character was Chester nicknamed “Ace” after prison decides to return to the world of horse racing. His main goal was to take revenge on everyone who was to blame for what had happened. The plan he devised will not only allow him to become the owner of the local racecourse but also to turn it into a casino. To implement his plan, he would need an Irish racehorse and its owner.

Separate from the main plot the film reveals all the participants in life at the racetrack: jockeys, trainers, gamblers, and ordinary fans. The series develops several storylines that are carefully connected to the events developing at the racetrack.

“Life on the Line” (2013)

This documentary about sports betting was filmed in real betting shops. The creation by Isaac Feder is a great attempt to reveal to the world the inner workings of a bookmaker’s office – the formation of quotes, the movement of lines in the BC, and the necessary knowledge to become an analyst.

The film was filmed right on the work premises. There are a lot of famous players in the film, and most of the timelines are occupied by the preparation of bookmakers for the Super Bowl – the event, which is the main one in American sports and which collects millions of bets around the world. Filming took place in Las Vegas, in one of the underground premises of the current large casino. 

“The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting”

Gambling Mafia

200 billion euros is how much international soccer betting collectively reaches each year. The main storyline of the film is to reveal the peculiarities of bribing goalkeepers, coaches, players, and referees. Watching the film will allow you to understand exactly how criminal groups in Asia, Europe, and America make money from manipulating matches.

“Fantasy Sports Gambling”

The film is the result of research by PBS Frontline and The New York Times on the characteristics of underground online sports betting, especially its interaction with fantasy sports.

The film reveals how a flaw in the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Act allowed fantasy sports betting to become a real industry with average annual revenues of several billion dollars. The film features interviews with prosecutors, regulators, and players themselves.

All these movies are quite different, however they feature sports betting and depict some aspects from the life of sports bettors.

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