Land of Confusion – by Daily Post

Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!


I loved English and Creative Writing (can you tell?), but when it came to math I just wanted to run and hide. I started out with the old math when I was very young and then came the new math. It went downhill from there.

I could do Algebra 1, no problem and even enjoyed some of those problems, but when it came to Algebra 2 and Trigonometry I lost it. I stumbled through that class and barely got passing grades. I never took Geometry and I had no basis to go on any further in Math. 

Sorry Abyssbrain

11 thoughts on “Land of Confusion – by Daily Post

  1. jncthedc

    English was my nemesis. As a youngster, I lived for athletics. My parents very quickly in life straightened me out by telling me that athletics could only be done AFTER school work had been completed. I spoke with several lawyers to see if I could sue my parents for this abusive rule, but the lawyers seemed to agree with my parents! 🙂 I did reasonably well in high school and college. When I developed a passion for health and wellness and pursued a chiropractic education, that was really the first time I put all my efforts into applying myself. In retrospect, my parents did a darn good job raising our family!

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