Suicide, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicidal Ideations are on the Rise This Week as Search Terms / If You Ended up Here Please Read This

The holidays are a terrible stress for me and when deeply depressed I become suicidal. I understand it now and with my meds and therapy I can cope much better. Here’s for those who may need some compassion.


I have to say something about this because it frightens me. I looked at my searched terms and I noticed a dramatic increase in the search of suicide and suicidal thoughts. I must assume that this is a direct correlation with the impending holiday season.

To many people, the approach holiday season is like impending doom. There are so many potential triggers that are likely to send someone into a severe depression or a severe state of anxiety.
I feel afraid for the people searching those terms and I assume they will end up at this post. I feel an obligation as a fellow human being to post something here that will help. But what?

(at this point I have actually stopped the blog for a few minutes and I am sitting here seeking some genius from the gods of intuition and compassion… Unfortunately, no miraculous answers are coming to…

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One thought on “Suicide, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicidal Ideations are on the Rise This Week as Search Terms / If You Ended up Here Please Read This

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    I find the holidays more traumatic than pleasant. It’s supposed to the time you can pull close to family, good cheer, etc. With my family it’s always a countdown to see who my mother goes off on over something stupid. Add money issues, the weather affecting my moods…I think maybe that was the best thing about my manic episodes, for years I would spend the entire month of December bouncing off walls, wearing a santa hat, giddy when I found the perfect gift for someone…Mood stabilizers killed my mania and all that’s left for the holidays is…This. Doesn’t make me suicidal, but I so understand those it does.

    Oddly, I assume that holidays were the highest for suicide rates. Turns out, they see more deaths of that ilk on Valentine’s Day. Talk about depressing. I blame Hallmark and their “if you didn’t get someone to $8.95 for a card for Valentine’s Day, no one loves you” mentality.

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