Waking up during dreams either laughing or crying.

woman-1006102_1920 (2)

Such a silly concept, but I am waking myself up during dreams now laughing at the funny ones and I hear the last echoes of the laughing and the other day I woke up with tears running down my face because someone I knew had died in the dream. I don’t have death dreams often, but I was crying pretty good that I woke myself up.

I remember the dream I had that my dad and my kids had died. I woke up in a somber mood and was terrified for days that it would come true. Some of my dreams do and I dream them in great detail and I know as soon as I see the first sign that it was coming true and I knew what would happen for the most part.

One of them I dreamed that our best friends from the Marine Corps had shown up for the weekend without a call to make sure we were there or not busy. Friday afternoon I came home from work to find a car sitting in the drive. I knew it. It was them. Luckily we got to spend a great weekend with them.

Another time I dreamed about a spot here in the community where it meets another community. You come around the curve and you are in the next one. I dreamed I came around and a cop was waiting for me. Always took that curve too fast. I hate driving 25 MPH. I came around and I saw a car 5 or 6 blocks down the street parked like a driver would park. I knew immediately it was a cop (I couldn’t see that far) and slowed down which he knew. I drove to my fate. I could see he was a cop by the time I got to the corner and I turned and he flipped on his lights and followed me.

He said good morning ma’am. I said good morning back and smiled my ravishing smile that has brought so many down LOL!.

He asked me where I was going and could he see my id? I said I am going to the gym, showed him my card around my neck and said my license is already in the trunk and I could get it for him. He said that would be ok he didn’t need to see it. Was this my car? Yes it was. No warrants or anything so he gave me nice quiet lecture on watching my speed and without looking at any other id he let me go. Being nice pays off.

So you can imagine why scary dreams really scare me besides the scare factor.


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