Some thoughts on cancer and food.

All About Healthy Choices

cancer-fighting-foodsAfter recently seeing an advertisement for a new drug (Neulasta) that is used during chemotherapy to increase white blood cell production I had to write this post. White blood cells are the cells the body naturally produces to defend against foreign invaders. When you here the term “immune system” think “white blood cells.” Since the poisons used in chemotherapy severely damage the immune system, drug companies have thought it advantageous to develop a drug to cause white blood cell proliferation. Neulasta is one of the more recent drugs to hit the market with this intent. It is important to realize if this drug is needed, it means the patient has already experienced severe immune compromise as a result of the chemotherapy treatment. Why turn to Neulasta (another drug with dangerous side effects,) while in this weakened state when HEALTHY options are available? Neulasta lists the following side effects (this is…

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