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ilustrasi-diabetesWhen people hear the word CANCER or LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE it creates significant fear and emotional duress. These diagnoses create fear and the belief that death is imminent. They incite ACTION.

When people hear the word DIABETES, they think of insulin. They shrug their shoulders at the serious dangers this disease produces. They believe that oral or injectable medications will provide the “SOLUTION” to live out a typically normal life without truly altering their lifestyle. This disease DOES NOT CAUSE FEAR! Why is that?

Is it because it has become viewed as a chronic condition rather than a LIFE THREATENING DISEASE like cancer? How can the 7th leading cause of death amounting to 4.9 million people (1 DEATH EVERY 7 SECONDS) be so INCORRECTLY assessed by our society? Is it possible that my colleagues have attempted to be good humanitarians and soften the blow of this dangerous disease…

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  1. Thumbup

    OH! DIABETES! I didn’t know much about it till I moved into low rent housing and was shocked to find that so many people have diabetes. Serious too! You could lose your legs, go blind and more.



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