Trains, Planes and Noise, Oh My!

Mercy me, I can’t take noise when I am manic. The most intolerable are the trains (4th house away from the tracks) and they run horns blaring all night. Then comes the planes. We are just across the river from the airport and those engines roaring up are super loud and we are on the pat of entry and leaving.

Then comes slamming doors. Both inside and outside the house.

Flip flops so thank heavens it is winter, I couldn’t deal with them now.

The meow crazy cat.

I realize that living in an apartment is going to amount to a lot of annoying noise. I have lived in them before and they are noisy.

I had to take 2 mg of my mood stabilizer as an extra relief. It calmed my mania down after a couple of hours. I forgot I could do that. I can’t go lower on the Cymbalta though. It is either a full dose 120 mg or half dose at 60. I will only increase that if I end up depressed and need help getting through it. The mania is worse.