1 thought on “What does it mean that Jesus is our Sabbath rest? Check the link below.

  1. Susan Langer

    It means that we have rest in Jesus, sabbath rest through faith and not works as the mosaic law required prior to Jesus. The Jews prior to Jesus had to follow the law from the old testament starting with the 10 commandments (the mosaic law) and extending even further to levitical laws, etc which you can read about in Leviticus, etc. Anyway, Jesus came to give us grace and forgiveness and do away with a “works mentality” where you had to earn your way to heaven. With Jesus, it changed to relationship through grace and forgiveness and growth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You can read more about it by doing a search under Hebrews 4 and Matthew Henry’s Commentary of it. He does so much better at explaining it than me. 🙂



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