Fasting sugar a little lower…

Today my fasting sugar was 178. It is below the 200 goal the nurse set me. I am working on the healthier eating. I did have ice cream, but I had a small shake rather than the large and I ate my burger bunless with tomato and lettuce. And I resisted going out with my son later on for something to eat because it would be high carb and I  just ate dinner.

Dinner was salad and some macaroni and cheese.

I lose a meal here because I get up at 10 AM and have brunch at 11 AM. So then I have dinner.

Today I had to babysit and had numerous trips up and down her stairs. I wasn’t recovered from Thursday nights graduation and came home and finally crashed.

I resisted more ice cream on the way home. I have to drive right past an ice cream stand. I took the other way around to not tempt myself. The small milkshake was plenty. Now I have to cut down on the amount of days I have it as well. It is summer and ice cream stands are everywhere. Very tempting. Having to exert my self-discipline.

Praise the Lord,



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