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Fibromyalgia and weight loss

Many of us with Fibromyalgia have a problem with weight loss as well. They don’t know if Fibromyalgia (and sedentary behavior) is caused by weight gain or if the weight problem is caused by Fibromyalgia.

Now for me I have been overweight most of my adult life after I had children. I didn’t exercise when I was younger. I was against it. I admit to laziness and disinterest even as a young adult. My arthritis started kicking in while I was in my mid-twenties. It got worse at a fast rate and so I have suffered from chronic pain since my late twenties starting with arthritis and degenerative disk disease. My spine is now close to halfway full of herniated discs or maybe worse by now.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2010 when a major flare was caused mainly by tension and stress of a job I couldn’t handle mentally. The pain in my body flared up. I had a pinched nerve or actually several. I went out on short term disability that eventually turned into SSDI permanent disability. The symptoms had been there all along it took that major flare to bring it into a diagnosis.

With Fibromyalgia we have to worry about over-extending ourselves and causing a major flare up to start. Fibromyalgia flare-ups come and go as things in life affect us. I do not have major pain everyday. Most days, but not every day. However it is easy to over-do and have to live through a severe flare.

Most of us can’t exercise without over doing it and the fact we’re sedentary doesn’t help our condition, but the pain causes the need to be sedentary to avoid as much pain as possible, a vicious circle.

I am currently in a bad flare. Thankfully the long walk through the outlet stores the other day didn’t put me down fully. I did have to stop and sit quite often though. I am in severe pain, but trying to at least get up out of bed for part of the day.

My chiropractor wants me to walk 5 minutes a day. Seems simple enough, but for someone with Fibromyalgia it’s not that simple. Granted I have other disorders going on as well and that affects the pain level and my ability to walk and climb steps. Curbs are difficult and I easily fall on them as I lose my balance due to my knees being in pain and locking up.

I don’t have access to a warm pool, but warm water exercising is another suggestion they have for exercise with Fibromyalgia.

Watching your diet is one way to try and lose weight, but usually has to be accompanied by exercise to work. My weight goes up and down. I don’t want to push through the pain to exercise. I haven’t found it beneficial, though it might help some.

I have been told that I have given up on life and am no longer a fighter. Well I might have given up at this point. It comes and goes with my moods from the bipolar, but I am a fighter or I wouldn’t have gotten this far in life with what I have been through.

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

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