4 thoughts on “Drug Withdrawal

  1. bethanyk

    6 small meals a day is really hard to do. I have to force myself to eat something RIGHT when I wake up. I know eating breakfast starts the metabolism and really helps balance things out. But I sleep very late and have gotten in the habit of then eating very late. It is hard to get on a schedule but I am working on that too.


      1. bethanyk

        My cousin who has diabetes is exactly the same. Stays up until 4 am and sleeps until 3 pm and when he wakes up his glucose is too high and then he takes insulin and falls back asleep for a few hours. It seems a huge challenge to lose weight with diabetes and sleep issues. I got up today at noon and forced myself to eat a waffle!

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        1. Tessa Post author

          It is a challenge for a lot of us. My best friend does much better than I. If she is told to do something by the dr she does it. I don’t usually follow drs. orders.

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