Diabetes Chronicles 2

I did some major thinking today. I know low carb is the answer, but I am not getting results like the others claim they are. There are also many low carb diet groups out there and they are not as restrictive as the one I have been following.

My cooking sucks, I hate most veggies and the few foods I will eat as part of this group are very little choice-wise. They are high fat and what they add to foods to make it high fat makes me want to puke. Adding butter to coffee, I just think that is gross among other things.

So basically I am unhappy with all their things we can’t have and not happy with what we can other than bacon and eggs. I stopped the Sugar Free Jello and have nothing sweet in my diet. I can’t keep this up. I tried to talk it up yesterday, but I am not really into it.

I am going to stay low carb, but not be as strict on the kinds of foods I can have. There are many types of low carb diets out there and who can say which is right. Right now I am going to just try low carb and not follow the super restrictive diet I have been trying to follow. It is not working for me. This current group cuts out a lot of food groups and doesn’t believe in moderation either. They tell me and so have other research that sugar causes inflammation and to stop it would stop the pain. 6 months of very little carbs/sugar and it definitely does not cut down on the pain. My current round of steroid shots should show that.

I understand the need to keep my blood sugar counts low, but as to what carbs I need to cut out is up for change right now. I may start my own research rather than just listen to all these people and their two cents.

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

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5 thoughts on “Diabetes Chronicles 2

  1. Doctor Jonathan

    You might consider working with a local professional to create categories and food choices that satisfy BOTH dietary needs and personal needs. The blood tests will show if inflammation, sugar, etc…are a problem, but they won’t tell you if your dietary habits are making your stress levels rise. You must satisfy BOTH physical and emotional needs as well.


    1. Tessa Post author

      Having tried working with a dietician or several, I find that they believe in the ADA way of eating and that is way too high in carbs. I worked with a few and they all follow the ADA way and that is not the way to go. When hearing that I am following a low carb diet they won’t work with me. They would rather we eat a very high carb meal plan and that causes an increase in meds and complications including early death, amputations, loss of eyesight, wounds that won’t heal and diabetic neuropathy. They haven’t changed their ways despite the new research. Unfortunately they seem to be on the side of Big Pharma. They still say the same things they did when I was first diagnosed 20 years ago. They prescribe 45 grams per meal and 2 15 gram snacks. (any diabetic unless they are new knows this is not good) Then they tell you that your medicine will increase and that you will need insulin and that you will lose limbs, your eyesight etc. and then you meet an early death. No they haven’t changed and don’t seem to care to. I have been in this “game” too long to fall for their propaganda. My blood tests show continuous inflammation. Unfotunately the blood tests can’t tell you exactly what it is or where it is. A lot of it is in my spine and that is why I am having steroid shots.

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