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Update – Dad’s stroke

My dad is a private person, but this is my space to share with my friends and family bits and pieces of my life in addition to other things.

Stroke on the right side affects the left side, his dominant side unfortunately. He wasn’t found in time to reverse it in any way. One of the things I worried about when I moved out, but it was time for me to take care of myself as he won’t be here forever. He is 86 now and besides the stroke was still going strong. Independent which still surprises everyone of his caregivers at the hospitals.

He moved from the regular hospital’s stroke center to an Acute Rehab facility. It is a 30 minute drive one way and which I make every day and stay at least til my sister arrives after work and sometimes longer. This is hard on me physically due to my own limitations.

The good thing is that my dad had everything drawn up legally to allow us to handle things including his power of attorney. My sister is the main name and I am secondary although we are handling things together.

As for his health, he is struggling but we are told this is normal for a stroke. He has good and bad days.


Things are getting bad on the internet.

WordPress just shut my accounts down due to suspicious activity and forced me to create a new password.

Just recently my Amazon account was hijacked (email and password changed), after I got it back someone went in and closed it. I also had an account set up with my name and email in the UK.

I had to use a new email without my full name in it and change the password to something really weird, but someone still might be able to crack it. I created a new account. They were going to reopen my old one again, but what’s the point. Someone or more than one person has been busy on my accounts. Please be careful people. I would hate to have to create a new email and resign-up for everything. A lot of us use our names in our email addresses.

I also in the last year, had my bank account debit card compromised. Luckily the transaction didn’t go through so I didn’t have to fight with Visa to get my money back.

It is scary how bad it is getting.

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