Auditory Hallucinations

I have mentioned hallucinations before I think. The visual ones are scary at times, funny even, but the auditory ones are more difficult to deal with.

Imagine a dark room and then someone clearly calls your name. I am partially deaf and to hear it that clear they would need to be standing near me. There is no one there. Sometimes it is the same voice and the other times have varied. The other one is that I hear music in a completely quiet house. How are you supposed to sleep when a marching band is running through the quiet. Or Christmas songs are playing and I hate Christmas. VERY DISTURBING!


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8 thoughts on “Auditory Hallucinations

  1. FLO

    I can see where that would be disturbing. Could those hallucinations be caused by a chemical problem in your brain? Forgive me as I try to take this in and remember that I’m not a doctor. I seem to remember reading that hearing voices and I guess sounds as well is caused by something not balanced properly in your brain. Further, I think there’s supposed to be some chemical(med) that stops them, fixes whatever is wrong. I know you take meds but are any of them specifically to help with this problem? Do the doctors you see know about this? Have you talked about it with the psychologist or psychiatrist you see? You say this only happens when you are alone? Never when anyone else is in the room with you? That’s a real puzzler. If I was decades younger I think I might have gone into research and that would be something to investigate and find both a reason for it and a cure for it. Hopefully, someone else is doing that research right this minute. Do you think your lack of real sleep is involved? I know I feel better when I’ve been able to sleep. Somehow the sleep restores some measure of strength and coping skill. Hope your meds will deal with that one, soon. Hugs to you.


  2. OzzyGirl

    I hear music in silence. I never thought of it as an auditory hallucination. I just thought I listen to so much music that my brain repeats it to me. I will be researching now.


    1. Tessa Post author

      I am not a music listener. I do have times when a song won’t stop runnning through my mind though. Not the same thing. That is running through my brain, the music is in my ears.

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  3. Tessa Post author

    Some of the meds cause that problem. I also have ringing in the ears. Since it mainly started when I started the psyche and pain meds, it is probably related but I don’t know for sure. Could be the disorders. I am so tired right now that I can barely type. Hope it is not the increase in the meds like before. And yes the drs know. I am exhausted but can’t sleep again.


  4. Cat

    When I had a break down years ago, had visuals hallucinations and would hear sound coming from speakers, the door knocking etc, those were the most disturbing. Medication soon put it right for me



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