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Missing in Action – Not feeling like writing!

I haven’t felt like writing lately. I went to my writer’s group, but luckily I am way ahead on chapters that I can take for review.

I have become interested in crafting and started what they call “Junk Journals.” I am learning how to create them minus the junk part. I am not feeling the junkiness that this group loves. Mine are nice and neat, well eventually they will be neat as I am still learning how to make them and there are many ways. I made a baby book/journal/scrapbook for my newest grandchild. I have spent hours and I do mean many hours watching videos on youtube on how to construct and decorate the different types of junk journals and spent money on the supplies. I don’t believe it is the mania speaking here. I truly find it fascinating and have 2 birthdays this month to complete.

A true junk journal includes all the junk mail and trash you can accumulate and I am just not into that so mine are much neater and prettier.

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